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The uncertainty of international political and economic situation expands on import substitution

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As the Sino-US trade war is expected to worry about the impact on the export of machinery and equipment and impose restrictions on the import of relevant high-end, advanced and intelligent manufacturing equipment, it is recommended to focus on the advanced and intelligent manufacturing supported by the national strategy under the import substitution logic. The core components and parts of the robot, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, machinery components such as middle and high-end pump and valve castings and forgings, etc. rely heavily on China's imports. 2. The international oil price center has obviously moved upwards. The oil and gas exploration and coal chemical machinery and equipment sectors still suggest that priority should be given to the current stage. 3. The high probability of advanced manufacturing, smart manufacturing, and industrial Internet is a hot spot in the mechanical sector in 2018, and strategically advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing should be appropriately deployed by the state.



It is recommended to pay attention to relevant targets: Hangzhou Oxygen Co., Ltd., Jereh Co., Ltd., Jingsheng Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Zhichun Technology Co., Ltd., Xinlai Yingcai Co., Ltd., Tianqi Co., Ltd., Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Eston, Sany Heavy Industry, Hengli Hydraulics, CIMC, Sifang. Cold chain, China CRRC, Connie Electromechanical.

Market Performance The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.89% this week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rose 0.42%, the small and medium-sized board rose 0.23%, the ChiNext rose 0.00%, the China Securities 1000 rose 0.19%, the machinery and equipment industry index fell 0.07%, the industry rose week Ranked 18/28, the sector underperformed the Shanghai Composite Index by 0.96%.

This week, the machinery and equipment sector, the weekly top five stocks for the three super new wood, Tai Yuen Pump, New US Star, Terui machines and Tianyong intelligence, rose 20.14%, 15.07%, 13.73%, 10.44% and 9.86, respectively. %. The top five losers were Tracy McGrady, Donghua Test, Jincai Interconnect, Lanke Hi-Tech and Yizhimi, with a decrease of 18.62%, 14.21%, 14.18%, 13.99% and 13.15%, respectively.

This week, the mechanical sector led the major advances in the three super new materials, leading the Tracy McGrady, the top four were more than 10%, the decline in the top ten are above -10%, the plate rose significantly narrowed. The index generally rose slightly this week, and the mechanical sector performed poorly. Tracy McGrady, who led the charge last week, led the drop this week, and the plate aggregation effect and continuity were poor.

Industry News

1.2018 annual list of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, 9 Chinese companies on the list; 2. Sino-French joint venture in Guangdong Taishan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 began loading; 3. The country's first industrial Internet provincial platform was established in Jiangxi.

risk warning

The promotion and implementation of industrial policies was lower than expected; changes in market styles brought down the valuation center of the machinery industry; continued downward pressure on profitability brought about by rising costs; and new system risks in the sector.