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One billion forging project starts! Annual output up to 500 million after putting into production

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April 11 morning, Liyang Old City bamboo ze town once again to achieve a major new breakthrough: by the Suzhou Sunway Valve Co., Ltd. Total investment of 1 billion yuan forging project, in the Town Green Foundry Technology Industrial Park started. The project land 220 acres, divided into two stages of investment construction, of which a forging factory total investment of 300 million yuan, 80 acres of land, equipment input of 80 million yuan, will build annual production capacity of 50000 tons forging production line, up to the expected annual output value of 500 million yuan.

The second phase equipment investment 360 million yuan, the project plan starts on July 1, 2018, reaches the postpartum estimated annual output value 1.5 billion yuan, the new tax revenue 100 million yuan. It is understood that New Wei Valve Co., Ltd. is the 2014 on the motherboard listed enterprises, is China's leading, world-renowned valve manufacturer, valve products cover gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, regulating valve, safety valve, nuclear power valve, wellhead equipment and a variety of special valves, widely used in petroleum and natural gas, chemical, electric power, Ships, mining, water treatment, industrial systems and other fields. This new investment in Bamboo Ze project, will become its new valve forging, casting production base.